Friday, 2 December 2011

Oil Prices for Traders

Oil Prices along with currency and gold are one of the main indicators of almost all processes occurring in the world economic system. Political and economic events always stand behind the volatility of oil quotations.

Trading Oil Prices is a lucrative way for anyone to make a living - working just a few hours a week instead of slaving away working for the man. Due to the high demand Oil Prices futures give an investor plenty of opportunities to make money. Daily average movement of Oil Prices is around 1%.

With leverage of 100:1 provided by brokers you can turn the 1% into 100%. You may have unlimited profits and by using the 'Amount to risk' function, you can control the risk on each trade.

Beginning in the year 2000, the oil prices futures market detached itself almost completely from the crude market, leading to the assetization of oil prices, and the crippling impact reckless speculation in oil futures has had on the global economy. The futures market magnifies every change in oil prices through the enormous leverage that even the smallest of traders can exercise.

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